Panny Hire Camera Hire


Panny Hire are the equipment sponsors upon The Confusion of Tongues.

Panny Hire provides camera hire, lens hire, crew hire and camera training from their locations in Birmingham and London. We hire RED EPIC, RED ONE MX, Canon C300, Canon C500, Sony F3, Sony F5, Sony F55, Sony FS700, Canon 5D MKIII, Canon XF305, Blackmagic Cinema and more.

They have a great range of lenses including Canon Cinema CN-E prime lenses, Canon L Series zooms and primes, Carl Zeiss Distagon/Planar Cine-Mod primes, PL Zeiss Compact Primes and PL RED PRO zoom cinema lenses. They provide hands-on camera training workshops at their studios or at your location, led by professionals working in the industry. They offer lighting courses, sound courses, post-production and editing courses, etc.

They can supply the cameras, the crew, the lenses, the lighting, the grip, everything.. They are BBC approved suppliers and have a successful and proven track record of working with the biggest production companies in the UK..


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