The Cast

The casting for Watching & Waiting was completed through a variety of means. Johanne Murdock came to the attention of the project after auditioning at the Strongroom Studios. David Keoghan had worked previously with the director James Fair upon a music video. Rachel Rath was instrumental in bringing together many of the other actors through her involvement in the Attic Studio in Ireland. Michael Winder was recommended through one of James’s students at Staffordshire University and Sarah Boote is James’s step-aunt.

There was little time for any major rehearsal, although Johanne & David did get a chance to spend a couple of days doing a read-through and basic blocking in Filmbase in Dublin before moving to Galway. Many were doing their roles for the first time on the set!

Johanne Murdock   Katherine

David Keoghan   Tomas

Rory Mullen   Michael

Maria O’Leary   Lisa

Robbie Gallagher   Dickie

Orla McGovern   Administrator

Michael Winder   Barman

Rachel Rath   Cleaner

Sarah Boote   Victoria (voice)

James Fair   Michael (voice)