Watching & Waiting (2008)


The story follows Katherine (Johanne Murdock), an English private investigator who has been hired to probe the movements of Michael (Rory Mullen), a businessman suspected of infidelity. For three days, Katherine follows Michael during his ‘business’ trip to Ireland, gathering evidence to incriminate him. However, when Katherine meets Tomas (David Keoghan), an escort that she hires to provide cover for one evening, she realises that she has perhaps interpreted Michael’s marital situation incorrectly. What follows is a journey into Katherine’s understanding of love, truth and faithfulness. When faced with the reality that her spying will determine Michael’s future, Katherine is forced to make difficult decisions that put her own principles to the test.


“Cos here, there’s lots of room for doing the things you’ve always been denied”

Taken from the lyrics of Watching & Waiting by The Moody Blues.

This lyric was the starting point when developing the story for ‘Watching & Waiting’ and it appears at the beginning of the film. The lyric was meant to apply both to the story of the film (Michael’s infidelity) and also the process of making the project (cutting corners to make a feature in three days). The title of ‘Watching & Waiting’ was also meant as a pun for the festival audience, who had no idea whether there would even be a film at the end of the three days.

The film was written by writing 40 scenes in a notebook that would all roughly translate to 2 minutes of screen time. This changed dramatically further down the scripting process. The initial idea for a story line came when writer/director James Fair visited cinematographer John Bradburn (and his wife Jenny Dale) for a meal. They particularly liked the idea of a film where a female private investigator would have to follow a suspect and the audience would never hear the suspect speak on screen. They also liked the idea of a sex scene with no sex in it. These two ideas forged a creative limitation that remained an influence throughout the production.


You can get a copy of the shooting script here.


The film was filmed in Galway, Ireland, and the immediate environs in order to be close to the film festival screening venue; The Galway Town Hall.