I’ve Got This Idea For A Film (2011)

It was Tuesday 13th July at the Doco3000 meetup in Gertrude Street, Melbourne when James Fair (director) stood up and pitched the idea of the 72 project to a room full of documentary makers. He wanted a team to follow the project in Melbourne so that the process could be documented. Katie Mitchell and James Arneman stepped up for the challenge. Little did they know what they were letting themselves in for!

The crew followed the 72 team around throughout the adventure and shot over 40 hours of footage. They then faced the brave task of having to edit the footage after all the party was over!

The end result is a much more universal documentary than a simple ‘making of’. The film focuses upon the pressures of our creativity, and why we push ourselves to make things, even at huge personal cost.

You can read more about the crew here.