Enjoy the silence? A slight return…

We decided on giving you a quiet August. We were working away on honouring the crowd funding perks (we’re sorry that some are outstanding -we’re waiting on suppliers) and honouring invoices (we’re sorry some are outstanding – we’re waiting on our sponsors). We felt that we’d clogged your newsfeed so comprehensively through crowd funding and production that we’d make way for Ice Buckets and ALS.

The film hasn’t been touched since July as we took a break from that also, putting some space between the emotions of the 72 and the cold light of day. It hasn’t been helped by James leaving Staffs and relocating to Bournemouth. Lots has been going on behind the scenes, and this Friday, in the Birmingham Film Studios at 630pm, we’ll have a bit of reflection on the process.

There’ll be free drinks, a chance to network, and possibly a pint in Dog for old times sake.



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