12. How We Are Going to Save the 72

11 hours to go. 20 hours till people are sitting in a cinema waiting to see this movie, which still hasn’t been filmed in its entirety, and is no where near a complete edit. Some of the crew are sleep deprived, stressed and exhausted. Things aren’t looking good, and things need to be sacrificed- namely parts of the script and peoples sleep.

Ben Arntz, the co writer of the script, came to visit the set today and James updated him on how the production was going. An emergency meeting was then set up with James, Ben, the editors and the script advisor. The script needs to be cut down dramatically in order for all the scenes by tomorrow. As I type this Ben and Josh, the script supervisor, are culling scenes and dialogue that isn’t essential to the plot. Here’s James briefing the team:


Also, here’s an intro to Ben and what he is doing now:



Here’s Joe breaking the news to the crew that some of them will have to arrive on set at 5am tomorrow (which has now changed to 3am). If you look really closely you may see a cameo by our beloved director.



Squeaky bum time folks, it’s exciting. This is the most energy I’ve seen on set so far.

The aim now is to wrap filming within 72 hours, and get the editing completed ready for the screening.

Take care,



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