9. Girl Power! But really we’re just talking about equality.

I want to re-visits James’ recent confusion over, “Why are successful women so commonly defined by their relationship with men?” As a women myself, I have also found this aggravating as it has happened to me. This was followed by annoyance. I’m not successful (yet), nor have I done anything great, so I can only imagine how these women with steady and successful careers must feel. It is clear from James’ blog and speaking to other people that this doesn’t exactly make sense. In the UK you would almost expect these thoughts to be outdated.

One of the key goals of this 72hr project was to have a balance of the genders. Have we succeeded this?

What about our supporters and followers? Is there a gender balance there?

Twitter shows an imbalance of male and female twitter genderfollowers. However, it’s been a mix of genders retweeting, and posting. Facebook shows a balance.

It also gives a clear indication of the age ranges interested in the project. The ages I would expect to be using facebook and involved in the project itself. So what do these stats mean in regards to the project. men v women the stats of facebook


On the crew side I believe we have. There is a clear mix of male and female crew members and at all levels of the film hierarchy. Irune helps maintain the office along with Rowan and Simon.IMG_8154 Both myself and Amy are in the promotional hub with Mitch. On set men and women work together equally to complete the project. If you can do the job, why should your gender matter?

However I feel it’s a different story for the cast. On set everyone everyone works together equally but outside of the production the women are still being defined by there links to men.

BBC Midlands visited the set on Friday to interview James about the project. Kate O’Toole was once again compared with her father. 0.44 – 0.50 even gives her father a higher title by calling him “Legendary” and her just a “classical actress”. I felt shocked by this as it shadowed her own role with her father’s.

And again Gemma Atkinson was affected when the promotional team asked her twitter fans to send questions for her interview. Many fans were only interested in her relationship with Ronaldo. This had nothing to do with project or Gemma’s career. On top of that it was an old relationship, will she always be haunted by it? Or is the media just dropping names?

Is this what I have to look forward to? To not be recognised by my own accomplishments. I don’t honestly believe so in the film making industry although I don’t believe the media will let up anytime soon. It has been clear on set and in the office that the work balance has been in harmony with every job shared out easily.

I think there is equality between the genders for the project, it’s when people are reviewing the project that I believe ‘gender’ will be unequally represented as shown from the media’s representation. I do have to wonder what the media’s representation would have been if James had been female.



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