20. Can it get any hotter?…Apparently not

YouIMG_1181 don’t expect a heatwave in Britain, even in July but here we all are on set, in the office and baking as if we were all in an oven. With the heat comes trouble in all areas. The office for instance is horribly stuffy with everyone lining up for the fans, of which few are available (we lost ours at some point during the day). The windows let in little breeze causing tempers to rise. The editor’s are also feeling the heat and have to take a break as often as possible, like a simple breather outside. There work has been a balance of waiting for footage and receiving footage to edit intensely. On set it’s no better. Today’s location at the Spotted Dog, the confined pub space must be shared by two crews. Due to the small space half the crew is left strandphoto.phped outside in the sun while the rest are stuck in a hot box. So what have we done to battle the heat and keep spirits high? Well firstly the production assistants have worked like crazy to provide water and drinks to cast and crew. Both cast and crew have also tried to stay positive even under the stressed conditions. Everyone is enjoying the experience to fullest although the temperature begins to create tiredness early on, making the day drag slightly as we enter the evening. The project held a BBQ for lunch, encouraging spirits and filling hungry bellies. The heat has also affected our behind the scenes progress. James has been unavailable due to being in the thick of the production and the feeling of stepping on peoples toes while we ask for interviews in between shoots has felt evident. However people are happy to tell us how there day is going and be interviewed. We collected a mountain of footage to edit and release for you all over the next couple of days. We are all hoping it’s cooler for tomorrow.

Amy and Emma (Reporting Friday’s activities) x

So it’s Saturday…it’s raining.

It’s not cold but the rain will effect all outside activities and make the need for lightening adjustments and creative thinking. The pathetic fallacy is clear among cast and crew, with the reality of today’s task and final push becomes evident. James personal is struggling to know if we are going to make it in the 72hrs. This is slightly depressing but has inspired most crew to work harder to accomplish difficult goal.

In the office shoots are being re-organised and adapted due to the rain. This could slow down the whole production and that’s not what’s needed on the remaining hours of shooting.

Emma and Amy x


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