26. Are you hearing us?

As you are aware (especially if you’re reading this), we have been blogging, facebooking and tweeting non stop to gather support and keep you all updated on the events (as they happen) on the production. We have been attempting to keep it as real as possible so you all know what’s really going on  and what it actually takes to create a 90 minute feature film in 72 hours.

So have we actually been reaching anyone. Well in the past week we can confirm that yes, we have been reaching a ton of you. Who have not only liked pages and posts but interactively commented, replied and asked questions. I can reveal the stats up to 9pm yesterday:

facebook s
Facebook stats for 18/07/14 up until 9pm


fb stats 2

twitter stats
Twitter Stats






The above post clearly shows the success of photo’s on facebook but in contrast links to blogs and videos reached further than anything else. We had a increase in ‘page likes’ by 53. This boosted our total likes to 1311 likes which is a rise of 637.5%! This is a total reach of 7.2K!

How does twitter compare?

Well this graph clearly displays that twitters views have boosted. The number of replies has been greatly increased to 149.2%, mainly due to asking people to be interactive. We’ve asked for questions directed at both the crew and cast. People have tweeted if they’ve seen us or seen a post about us, spreading the word further.

The largest retweet and favorite posts were that connected to the media that visited to promote the project.

Last but not least, how has the blogging fared?

sats wordpressOur very own wordpress stats show a main audience from the UK but other followings from the USA, Ireland and other countries. New posts are competing happily with previous posts with people finding the links from various locations, such as twitter and facebook.

We are reaching people! It is clear that through the different media platforms, people are listening and want to be involved. And we thank you all. If it wasn’t for this interest this project wouldn’t have been possible. It was you the public who supported us on ‘Kickstarter’ and continue supporting us throughout the production.

So keep listening, posting and asking questions! We are happy to reply and keep you updated! We look forward to you all seeing our hard work pay off!

Amy and Emma x


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