16. James’ Second Update on Day 3

The video below was taken during one of the very few breaks that James seems to have on this project- at the end of the video you can hear someone drag him away. He’s a busy guy.

We had a very brief chat before I turned the camera on. He admitted that he doesn’t think this project will be filmed in 72 hours, which is a little distressing to hear. It’s not really due to the lack of effort, enthusiasm or technical skill, it’s mainly due to the logistics of making the film.On the eve of the project the schedule had to be completely reconfigured to due issues out of our control and this had a knock on effect on the rest of the shoot.

We should probably state at this point that the film will be ready for the screening on Sunday, we have not doubt about that.

We should also probably point out that there is a still chance that the film will still be made in 72 hours, don’t count us out just yet. It’s just we always knew failure (for lack of a better word) was always a possibility for the 72. Failure is acceptable, but reflection and improvement are mandatory.

This is experimental film making people.

Don’t be fooled though, the moral and enthusiasm hasn’t dropped. The crew are working tirelessly to make this feature in 72 hours. Plus all the principles of the project still apply… does it really matter if we have to go over a few hours?

Maybe we are jumping the gun. Who knows what the future holds? The 72 veterans agree that this is the point of the production where things get a little tense and scary. They pulled though twice before; can we do it again?

Take care,



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