Tick tock


We’re used to the pressure of time constraints on the 72 project. We’ve usually ¬†prepped as much as possible and are ready to respond the problems that come up and deal with them in a decisive fashion. We’re prepped in exactly the same way in Birmingham for the film here.

All that stands between us is the crowd funding, where we have three whole days (and then 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds) to reach our target. It isn’t unprecedented in crowd funding, but it is never comfortable. It remains to be seen what condition our nerves will be in when approaching the biggest filmmaking challenge if we scrape through the crowd fund at the 11th hour. But this is the route we are taking, and take this route we must.

On a less stressful, but equally exciting note, I’m delighted that TWO feature films will premiere at Galway this year from the MSc Digital Feature Film award at Filmbase. The screenings are as follows:

The Light Of Day – 11pm, 10th July, Town Hall Theatre.
Tickets: tinyurl.com/thelightofdayfilm

Poison Pen – 4pm, 11th July, Town Hall Theatre.
Tickets: tinyurl.com/poisonpenfilm

I have huge pride that these filmmakers will be watching their movies in the Town Hall almost six years to the day that we were there with ‘Watching & Waiting’.

For all the horse shit that gets peddled around the word ‘legacy’ (remember the Olympics?), what Conor Murphy and Alan Fitzpatrick have built in Filmbase ¬†after we collaborated on the first 72 is incredible. It would be awesome to have such sustainable models of filmmaking in Birmingham, wouldn’t it?

You can decide. Support us here.



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