The perception of percentages


There’s a strange psychology to looking at targets. When looking at our crowd funding campaign, it looks like we only have 50% of what we need to make the film. That is rubbish, we have over £130k worth of in-kind sponsorship attached to this project, and it is the £20k cash budget that we are chasing, £10k from crowd funding. This portion of the cash budget is 7% of the overall budget, and therefore we only have 3.5% left to go!!!!

But there has never been a more critical 3.5%. We’ve had to shave out the contingency (which is a further 10% of all the budget, i.e. £15k) and we’re operating on the very edge of what can be considered safe. When people ask me whether we will continue with this project if we don’t make the target, the answer is sadly, ‘no’.

As I say in the crowd funding video, the money means we can do things like house crew together. Why is it important? Because I don’t want to put someone in a car after a 14 hour work day and then they crash on the way home. That may be the way the industry works, but we don’t want to copy it. I admit, we’ve asked this of people in the past (in fact, Jim Dunwoodie clipped his car against a kerb in Melbourne and blew out on the first day). This is exactly the reason why we won’t be asking people to do it again. It isn’t sustainable. It’s really dangerous.

So, this isn’t a little cash for us to make our movie. This ‘little bit of cash’ is the difference between tragic accidents and finished films. 3.5%. Simples.

Can you help us finish our film? Please support us here.




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