Two weeks down, two to go.


We are halfway through our crowd funding campaign but not halfway to the total. It is certainly a point for concern amongst the team, but we remain positive and optimistic that we still have time to get across the line, and we’ll continue to push hard. In the interest of transparency and demystification, let’s share some of the details here…

One interesting area that we’ve explored has been Kickstarter predictor technologies, which use different algorithms to work out the campaigns chances of success. One is Kicktraq, who¬†pitch us at achieving approximately 60% of our target. This is worked out from the curvature of the previous pledges to date, and where they’ll average out. This isn’t particularly complex to work out and doesn’t take into account the possibility of more pledges coming in towards the end, which can happen on such campaigns. A far more interesting site (and one which is widely considered to be more reliable) is Sidekick. Their algorithm is explained within this academic paper, and they predict that we have a 97% chance of success. I know which website I prefer visiting.

None of these sites are going to get the funding in though, and we are using the analytics from Kickstarter to see where most of our backers arrive at our page from. Despite all of our bitching about Facebook in previous posts, more of our backers have travelled from Facebook to our campaign than from any other platform. So it remains crucial that our supports like and share what we are doing. A similar level of effectiveness comes from direct emails, so this is also a useful way of encouraging people to get involved.

Ultimately, this is our first major challenge as a team and we are grappling with it as successfully as we can. Our next hurdle, of making a feature film in 72 hours, will only exist if we overcome this first. We have two weeks to prove ourselves…

James and the 72 team.


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