Over one week into the crowd funding campaign and we are at around 23%. We had a quiet weekend with you folks, and it was getting a bit squeaky bum for a moment. However, over the weekend we got some feedback on how to improve the campaign page and we went about improving the site. Please take a look. It will keep evolving as we get closer to the deadline.

We’re busy locking in more details about the cast, and even making amendments to the crew. We’re losing a few faces and recruiting a few more, mostly because it is becoming apparent as we get closer to the project what kind of commitment it will require. It is no small feat. I mentioned once before how some of my students expressed no interest in the 72 Project when I initially put a call out, and then did express an interest once they’d seen the documentary, presumably because they enjoyed the idea of being in a film like that themselves (?!). The reality is that it requires hard work, and if people don’t put it in, we don’t need them on set. There are no free rides…

This evening was a Google Hangout chat with Andy Paton and Gareth Nolan about the editing set-up. Andy drew a quick diagram to show how he envisaged it working. This is what it looked like:

Draft One workflow

Later this week we’ll share the student’s blueprints for workflow (if you’re well behaved – don’t say we don’t spoil you). But for now, we must get on with the planning…

James and the 72 team



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