Locking in workflow…

This is not the most sexiest of topics so we’ll keep it short.

We discuss the technology side of things today and made some decisions around what kit we’ll use in order to make this work. This is always a highly contentious area because we work in a film technology department and people get creepy around kit. However, we have some pragmatic decisions to have to make and these are the choices we have made:

– we edit on Adobe Premier based on a PC system, not Final Cut on a Mac. This is a first for the 72, but it is also an attempt to do the edit right.

– we shoot on C300 cameras. The decision on this took far too long and was based around using a higher spec camera. However, the reality is that budget, time, ergonomics, data management, everything basically, puts us with a C300. Better cameras don’t make better films… using the right camera for the job does. In Melbourne we used RED because people felt we needed to prove we could do it on 4K. Well, we proved we could. The trade off was that Des and Mo hardly has any camera movement. This needs to be a compromise.

That’s it… not too painful was it? Here’s a picture of Tim (with a Mac), the man who will be taking a similar role as Mike Fisher had in Melbourne. No-one has yet done this role twice.

2014-06-03 17.36.03


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