Let’s make it a happy Monday!

Yesterday we passed £700 on the Kickstarter campaign. You are all wonderful people. We need to keep up the momentum! We have a cheeky request to ask of you – try to start one conversation today with ‘have you heard about these people that are going to make a 90 minute film in 72 hours?’ See where the conversation takes you! If you end up in a fight – we thank you for your bravery. If you end up getting married – we want an invite!


At some point today or tomorrow we’ll post an update to our lovely backers. They won’t appear here on the blog, only on Kickstarter (for as little as £1 contribution… ridiculously cheap you have to admit).

Don’t panic, we aren’t becoming an exclusive club. There’ll still be news popping up here too. We’re not that mean.

All that remains this morning is to say thanks again – and keep up your good work 🙂

James and the 72 team


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