The launch!

Tonight we launch ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ by having a pub quiz in the legendary Spotted Dog. What do we mean by ‘launch’? We’ve been preparing this for ages?!

Well, this is the point when we find out if all that preparation works. And the only way it is going to work is if YOU get involved. That’s right… YOU.

Why should you get involved? Well, over the coming weeks we are going to be exploring all kinds of ways in which digital technology can change the filmmaking production process economically, environmentally and ethically. We are going to look at ‘the how, the why, the when and the who’ of what digital filmmaking could be. Then we are going to demonstrate it by shooting and then editing ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ in 72 hours before screening it to a paying audience.

Please support the project by sharing and contributing to our crowd funding when it’s launched later tonight! Not long now!!!



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