We want to give YOU money.

Life imitating art or art imitating life? Who cares? LET’S PUB QUIZ!

Ben wrote a movie about a pub quiz and we decided there is no better way to launch our fundraising campaign than having a pub quiz ourselves. This is a perfect opportunity for a piss up recce for our movie, and a chance for us to get shitfaced an idea of our characters motivations. Seriously, our launch is actually about the ways in which you can get more involved. Our crowd funding has opportunities for you to donate, spectate and masticate (look it up), all whilst helping the film. We’re talking serious RECIPROCITY here. 

If you’re itching to help us but can’t wait until Friday… you may be interested in taking part in our World Cup draw, with a prize of £150 for the winner! Take a look here. We’ll be hosting a fantasy football league soon too, but that is a bit further down the line.

In the meantime… please share this blog post!!!!



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