Selling out

‘Selling out’ is the derogatory term that means you’ve joined ‘the man’ and lost your ‘artistic roots’.¬†Whilst we happy that the early bird tickets ‘sold out’ yesterday, we can happily say that it isn’t at the cost or compromise of our principles. Whilst we’re building something that has a commercial and mainstream audience in mind, please don’t assume it will be some tame piece of fluff that leaves a taste of indifference with your popcorn. We’re aiming for ‘quality’, but the ‘quality’ that you define, not us. That ‘quality’ is the sense that your money was worth it. No bullshit about sound systems or 4-D sensory experiences. We’re not against that stuff, but that stuff is not quality in itself.

You should define ‘quality’, and it is our job to create an experience that lives up to it. Your construction of quality is based on many factors, including but not exclusively, advertising and expectations. Can we present something to you, that contradicts all the advertising and expectations that cinema usually provides? There’s only one way to find out, and that is buying a ticket when the crowd funding starts on Friday…

best quality



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