We’ve mentioned before how the blog goes quiet when we get busy. This has recently been the case. Whilst it would be an overstatement to say ‘overwhelmed’, there is definitely a challenge trying to remain focussed when there is so many things going on. Developing crew lists, crowd-funding perks, sorting cast… it is a myriad of activities, that all need addressing, and all at the same time as other bits of life admin require attention too. However, some of these challenges will slip down (or off) the list soon, and the focus can be put onto more filmic challenges like the storyboarding.

Here’s some other small bits of news:

– The crew lists will be announced on Monday morning.

– We’ve updated the press section to include the Iranian TV interview but also an extra clip from Channel Ten’s interview in 2010.

There are only 10 early bird tickets left.

– Our crowd-funding goes live on Friday… we will be launching this with our own pub quiz at the Spotted Dog.

– James will be answering all things 72 at Birmingham Film Studios on June 6th. Check that out here.

In the meantime… here’s a gerbil:

cute gerbil



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