We’re going to need more batteries…

Scott Benson

Contrary to what the title suggests, this won’t be a blog entry about me going on about the lack of batteries, but more about the equipment the batteries are for and what’s involved in a career path where I need so many gosh darn batteries.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Scott Benson, and I’ll be taking on the role that is Sound supervisor.

So what’s involved with being a sound supervisor you ask?

Being a sound supervisor is so much more than having to have a broad knowledge and understanding to as what’s involved in the sound to picture process (Although this is a key element, you need to understand what’s happening around you), it’s having a understanding of who’s best suited for what jobs and keeping tabs on them to make sure everything’s running smoothly and everyone’s happy, because a the end of the day, as a sound supervisor, you’re the last point of contact from when the audio is finalised to the picture ready for the final render, so it better be good, or its p45 time.

Usually a sound supervisor would only be present for the audio post stages, but due to the nature of the 72 projects, the role requires a fully attentive approach, standing by with a can of oil ready to lube up the cogs that make up an efficient media-making machine.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to facilitate all the sound gear for the shoot, this is to maximise the proficiency of the sound crew, because I know this certain set up of equipment inside and out, so teaching a crew with unknown sound skill how to use said equipment will be made that much easier, not to mention troubleshooting any issues we may encounter with in the 72 hours, but there wont be any issues, because preparation is 70% of the work, and if done correctly will ensure a smooth ride.

I’m really looking forward to taking on this, what seems to be monolithic, task.

But I’m more than confident, contrary to what people are saying, that the 72 projects will be a great and fingers crossed, a fun experience. I’m more than sure everyone will take invaluable knowledge away from this that they will use for the rest of their career… granted they manage make through the 72.



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