Noses to proverbial grindstone

We had the gang back together for the first time today and were superfreakin’ productive. We were working out crew roles and crowd-funding. Both are going to be pushed out to the wider world in the coming weeks and we were keen to take our time trying to get it right. This is a picture of Seyi, Dom and Joe getting it right:


This week will also see us tying up as many loose ends as possible on things like casting (still 35% to be found) and some haven’t been contacted since their auditions as we are still in limbo on their characters. Music is also reaching the ‘lock-down’ stages, so we should have that soon too, as well as the script, which has been an absolute beast to amend, purely and simply because of the sheer number of characters, and trying to time their arcs.

On Wednesday I’m nipping over to Dublin to see how their Masters students are getting on, as well as a hopeful catch up with Gareth Nolan (veteran 72 editor extra-ordinaire).

Tonight I’m dropping off posters for our pub quiz at the Spotted Dog. And a cheeky pint to prepare us for the coming weeks of madness. The weekend that has just passed is the two month mark, been and gone. Strap yourselves in…

James and the 72 team.


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