Sun and football

The weather is absolutely beautiful in Birmingham today and the crowds are out, enjoying the sun and the bars, especially those showing the FA Cup final. Sun and football. The two things we dreaded so much in the planning of the 72 that we waited until the World Cup would be over, thereby taking one variable out of the equation.

And sunshine. Are we afraid of it? Not really, as we hope we will have secured our audience before the day itself and won’t be at the mercy of people deciding on the day whether to come or not. And more importantly, we want the weather to be good for the filming.

So, we know what we’re doing that weekend, even if we don’t know what the weather is doing. The question is – what are you doing? And why don’t you come and do this? There are 23 early bird tickets left.

And why should you come? Well, there won’t be anyone else doing this on any other weekend, in any other country for the foreseeable future. It’s special. And you are special.



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