Back with a bang

Having got back late yesterday, it was straight in at the deep end this morning as Peter and I had a ‘speed networking’ event at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of this was to chase up potential businesses that could help us with the upcoming 72. It was useful, but will reserve the word ‘successful’ for if we get something concrete out of it.

I’d actually experienced speed networking before in Berlinale in February 2013 but never posted about it. It works the same as speed dating (I’m told), whereby you have two mins to pitch to one another and then you get in touch later if it is useful. So, I collected about 40 business cards in about 90 minutes, which is great.

The sleepless nights have started and the lists of things to do are getting longer. However, it is a relatively straight-run from here, with no planned major disturbances. This is the point at which we should make the home advantage count, as we never had the benefit of two calendar months in the town that we were filming in. THAT IS ALL WE HAVE LEFT… TWO MONTHS.



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