Notes from St. Lucia

The following post was written by Peter Rudge, executive producer on The 72 Project.

imageHere’s what I’ve been up to in St. Lucia…

Saturday night was the awards night for the Rise festival and I had the chance to meet many of the young filmmakers. I met the permanent secretary at the department of Tourism, Heritage and the Creative Industries to talk about how the 72 can be the catalyst for the development of a successful film industry on St Lucia.

We also met the Director of Tourism to see how the 72 can link to other major events on the Island such as the big Jazz and Arts festival.

Met with the directors of Rise St Lucia, the not-for-profit organisation that helped establish the festival and works to raise opportunities and educational standards for the youth of St Lucia. They are keen to see how the 72 again can be a catalyst for training, education and economic development for young people.

Finally, met with the president of the Audio Visual and Film Association of St Lucia who are keen to work with us not only on the 72 but as a partner in the long term development of the national film industry.

All in all, a successful visit!



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