Notes from Tehran

imageWork is underway on draft five of the script, working on notes that Joe Richards and I developed on draft four. Occasionally I snatch moments on the balcony to write. Above is what it looks like, a pasty white ginger with a laptop.

There are many plans to make it tighter. Including but not exclusively:

– we lose another character,

– we establish that Helen goes to on the radio to promote the pub quiz as they need the new business, Derek doesn’t like this as he can beat the regulars but not necessarily new faces,

– Tom, Dick and Harriet have more of a love triangle to add depth to their characters,

– the endings go more in sync with one another.

There were quite a few errors in draft four, which was partly due to the speed at which it was written and the assimilation of earlier ideas, so there is a general tidy up happening too. I’m hoping I can have a surprise for you next week. In the mean time, here is another pic from Tehran:



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