Launch Party details


Last week we announced we are having a launch party at the end of May. Films don’t often have launch parties before shooting, but we’re not left with much time to promote the movie once it is done, so we need to raise awareness of it before hand. We did this in Melbourne and got some work for the film fixed as a result of the party, so it is pretty important part of putting on the radar as you’ve no idea what benefit can come from it. That isn’t to say that we need everyone who comes to help with the film, just supporting us by turning up and taking part helps us… If nothing else, it makes the whole effort feel worth it for the crew.

What will happen there? Well, we plan to have a pub quiz just like the film. But we’ll also share some of the cast details and some of the details of the crowd funding campaign and what things we still need to sort and ways people can get involved. There’ll be some tickets to the film to be won too! We may even crack open the BBQ, depending on the weather.

Click here for the event details.

James and the 72 team.


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