Notes on crew shape

Earlier I posted a rough idea of crew shape for the upcoming 72. It was obvious from the web stats that this is of particular interest, presumably to the crew more than anyone else!

Let me go into it in more detail.

Where it says ‘Location manager’ in the production team, I’d actually envision this to be more of a production manager role, and will most likely be Rowan Ashe’s position. The reason it says ‘location manager’ as opposed to ‘production manager’ is because I would like this role to concentrate on the movement of people around the city as smoothly as possible and I was therefore thinking more ‘shoot’ than ‘post’. In retrospect, ‘production manager’ is probably closer.

There is no Director of Photography on the design. This is because I imagine a three person team of which one is the team leader, working with the lighting and grip team. I actually think this would be a team of 5 instead of 3+2 but cameras have a strange magnetic capability of attracting people to stand around it and dry-hump the tripod, hence designating two people specifically away from them. But essentially this is five people with the operator leading…

Similarly sound, the crew will be supervised (Scott Benson) primarily with leadership within the post team, which would normally be described as ‘sound supervisor’ but will also muck in at the post end, so I didn’t specify hierarchy.

There is also no ‘workflow manager’ role that almost killed Mike Fisher in Melbourne. This will be factored into the model somewhere in the Data Team.

Indeed, hierarchy is absent from all the shape, albeit implied from the list order, but this is to be determined. As before in Melbourne, hierarchy will be flexible as we need to change depending on the circumstances, and the last thing we need is some prick pulling rank because they believe a job is beneath them.

We’ll be locking the crew shape and order with people’s name attached later in May.



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