Happy Mondays

Two months ago we made 100 early bird tickets available for the people that have been following us before our ‘launch’. Now there are only fifty early birds tickets left for the 72. If you haven’t got one, you can get one here. We wrote about the ticketsĀ when they first went on sale earlier this year, but it’s worth pointing out what these tickets mean to us.


Firstly, audience is REALLY important to us. We’re not interested in making an inaccessible art piece that you struggle to understand. Let’s be blunt, we want to ENTERTAIN you. But if you’re not there, it isn’t happening.

Secondly, we want to present a way in which cinema could be different. If cinema has left you feeling disappointed at all recently, please come and get some faith from us! Not only do we want to entertain you, we want you to feel like the experience was QUALITY. How are we defining ‘quality’? We’re not defining it, you define quality (personally, I think something is ‘quality’ when you feel it is worth your time and your money).

Lastly, money. The audience still means MONEY to US. Previously the ticket sales for 72 Projects went to the festivals. This time around, it is directly funding the film. Coming to the cinema is helping us make the film. So the film is literally worse off with out you there… The connection is that transparent. Your ticket isn’t making a Hollywood executive rich, it is feeding a crew that are experimenting with ways to make film production mean MORE than just business. We are experimenting with better gender representation, better regional representation, better race representation, in front and behind the camera. We’ll be experimenting with better environmental and economic sustainability. We will be looking at what digital technology could do, not what it currently is doing.

Come see for yourself.



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