Script revisions

Whilst in Iran I’ll tackle another draft of the script. One of the key areas of development will be Tom, Dick and Harriet, who originally appeared as a Greek style chorus in Ben’s first draft, but we’re going to inject more story into their roles, in the shape of a farcical love triangle.

The farcical love triangle may end up as the only real signature of the 72 projects. In ‘Watching and Waiting’ we had Dickie confuse Katherine’s role as part of a love triangle, and in ‘Des and Mo’ there was Mike’s constant efforts to be with Mo.

Tweaking motivations will be the other revision. When we wrote ‘Des and Mo’ there was a real headache trying to lose their bank card. In the end it was simple, we had the machine swallow it. However, before that we had it packed in the luggage that got lost, we had the hotel cut it in half. None of these we’re satisfying. The final result may seem simple, but that’s the result of failing on so many other versions and redeveloping the script.

That is the process that we have to go through with this script.



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