Pub culture

Dom’s been busy at work doodling beer mats. Not doodling on beer mats but doodling beer mats. He’s been grappling with some of the concept art for the film’s logo. It is a tricky job as ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ is quite a wordy title. Take at look at some of the early drafts:

Those of you that have read the script are aware, the story revolves around a pub quiz. Therefore, we felt it was appropriate to have a fundraising launch party on Friday 30th May in the Spotted Dog from 7pm onwards with a pub quiz, cash prizes and some more info about the film. This is ‘early doors’ information, so we’ll post more information up here as we get it underway, but put the date in your diary:


Why are we launching in May when the project isn’t until July? Well, there’s a World Cup in-between us and the launch party, and everyone will be football crazy. And we need to raise a little money to help us with the project, so we need a run-up. And we don’t need an excuse to party…

Save the date!

James and the 72 Team


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