News for you

Good morning. Another Monday morning! There’s super abundant productivity this morning after downloading productivity apps for the iPad and spending the morning unproductively working out how to use them. Still, it is 11am and the press releases have gone out, so this is a bonus. It will be interesting to see how we do with them, as there is little news that wasn’t already available through other channels. Still, it is important to try and establish the story, as we found ourselves arriving in Melbourne a little too late for some publications.

Productivity signpost

I set a Linkedin page for the 72 Project for those of you can that worked with us (or are starting to work with us) and want to put it on your cyberCV or whatever they are called these days.

Occasionally I like scooting through the archive to find out what was going on in the 72 around this time in the past. This time two years ago I was binging on Robert Altman movies, and four years ago was in the middle of Algeria, six years ago we weren’t blogging about this because we only had six months to prepare a feature in 72 hours for Galway 2008. How stupid we were.  I wonder where we’ll be next year?





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