Filmmaking and the 72 legacy

‘Legacy’ is one of those words that gets kicked around really easily and then becomes meaningless when there is nothing to show for it. The legacy of the 72 Project in Ireland is alive and kicking at Filmbase in Dublin, a few streets away from where Conor Murphy and I first had a conversation about the 72 Project.

Filmbase insured the first 72 film ‘Watching and Waiting’ and housed our rehearsals whilst we prepared the movie. David Keoghan and Johanne Murdock spent days locked in the rooms upstairs rehearsing. It is a pleasure to constantly revisit that space and see the students on the MSc Digital Feature Film Production working away in there on their two features, Light of Day and Poison Pen. The bar has been significantly raised for these productions because last year’s film, How To Be Happy, just won best international feature in the Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey last weekend. No small feat, considering the film had absolutely no state support whatsoever from the organisations established in Ireland to support indigenous Irish filmmakers.

I visited both sets yesterday (and stole pictures on one set) and I was so pleased to see how well the students were managing their shoots. The learning curve is certainly steep, but the fact that they are all working together to make it happen is tremendous. Here are some pictures from Light of Day, where they’re making a film, within a film, as part of a mockumentary behind the scenes of a vampire movie:

2014-04-10 14.53.47 2014-04-10 14.54.20 2014-04-10 15.08.04


How does this relate to the 72? Well, we developed this course along the same ethos and principles of the 72 project, and built it up to be the sustainable legacy to emerge from the partnerships.

When you support the 72, you’re supporting sustainable independent filmmaking. The result is features being created that are winning awards that the state-funded films should be winning with all the resources they have. In Melbourne, The Ballad of Des & Mo was voted into the Audience Top 10 films, beating over 300+ others.

How do we do this? We understand how digital technology can help us make different stories, with different people, in different places. If you want to learn it, you can take the Masters. If you want to support it, you can come and see our film. There are 66 early bird tickets left!



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