Facebook meh…

The recent increase in Facebook likes has been awesome and we’re sticking to our goal of 2000+ likes as an indicator of how well the organic word of mouth is working out. ┬áBut Facebook isn’t making it easy for us to like their platform at all.

We’ve bitched about this before, but when drilling our own stats recently, it’s scary to see how few people our posts get through to. In some cases, there is so much traffic on Facebook that we only make it into 10% of news feeds of the people who have liked us. Sharing and liking is helping to raise that slightly, but the reality is that Facebook now wants us to pay to share what you’ve already indicated that you’ve liked. The problem is, the paying doesn’t help us read an accurate statistical reading of engagement either, because we already know of people who click for cash…

Why does this worry us? Well, we’re relying on these social media platforms to share the 72 experience with our audience when it comes to the 72 itself. The idea that only 10% of followers get the information renders Facebook a unreliable platform. Whilst we’re growing a Twitter following, it remains tiny in comparison to our Facebook following, although 320 people seeing it in their news feed is still more than the 10% who see it in the Facebook feed.

One conclusion is that if you wish to have ‘proximity’ to the 72 Project, Facebook is a dodgy platform to follow the action on. From our point of view, it means we’ll spend our energy promoting the project in other areas away from Facebook, and what gets through, get’s through. It’s a shame, as Facebook has been the easiest way to direct people to our site across the last few years, simply because of the sheer number of people who use it. But now, it is that sheer number of people that have lead to Facebook editing your news feed and getting floated on the stock exchange for the value of your eyeballs.

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