I was at the Giant Screen in Millennium Point this morning signing the contract for the screening in July. Contracts are also starting to get sorted in other areas of the project too. Making the commitment is a sobering process, but an essential one.

Contracts have been one of the biggest obstacles in promoting the previous 72 projects ‘Watching & Waiting’ and ‘The Ballad of Des & Mo’. Small bits of paperwork are missing that can render the whole project liable when coming to sell the films. It wasn’t the intention. People were ironically contracted to make sure all the contracts were in place, only they didn’t do it properly, and it renders the first contract a bit pointless!

Nevertheless, having lost friends whilst working on this project in the past, due to putting more at stake in a friendship than should normally be acceptable, at least a contract is a way of saying ‘it’s nothing personal, it’s just the contract’.

Balancing this ethos of liability with an ethos of helping out wherever necessary is a challenge for independent filmmaking. But it is a challenge that everyone needs to meet if it is to have a sustainable future.




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