Going the distance

A big part of running the maths in our workflow is working out where different filming locations are on the map and where the editors are situated. We have to work out a data ‘flight path’, calculating where the footage is going to be shot and then ferried to the post department, via cloning for insurance, synchronised with the different filming teams so that there aren’t bottlenecks.¬†One area where we’ve failed consistently with the previous projects is the even flow of data into the edit. This time around, we are trying to make it a priority.

Similarly, in the previous 72 projects we had jaunts out to Melbourne and Galway airports on the outskirts of town. We won’t be making a trip out of the city centre for this movie apart from one sequence in a park, which will have to be out of the immediate city centre. This cuts out the need for a huge ‘movement order’, like bussing the entire crew to another part of town in a specialist bus.

These ‘flight paths’ for data and ‘movement orders’ for cast and crew are the most critical part of the 72, and in previous years we’ve simply estimated the times between locations and edits and worked around whatever came our way. This time we must use the home advantage. We must study this map and work out the rat-runs and short cuts. The hope is that the familiarity of these streets will enable us to make the best 72 yet.

James and the 72 team.


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