People power

We had a couple of different production meetings this week in Stafford and Birmingham. We went through the project and what it will involve, as well as collecting details about diets, accommodation etc… Here’s a pic of what it looked like – you can never go wrong with a white board:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.47.39Some people couldn’t make it, so we’ll be getting in touch with them as soon as possible by other means.

The first demonstration of what effect a team can have was demonstrated by the leap in Facebook likes that occurred in the days after the meeting. Driven primarily by Emily Bibb, but with some important help from Rachael Searle and Dominic Murray, the numbers leaped up to over 1000 likes, which is half our target for July.

The plan for this afternoon is to contact some of the actors that we’d like to cast, and to start contacting those that didn’t get parts too. This is where we start to close doors on opportunities at the same time as we open others.

Dom, Rowan, Seyi and Joe have all been location scouting too, as well as preparing for one of the workflow tests, in the form of a 48 hour film challenge, which you can find out more about here.

Next week we are doing work on designs for ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ graphics and logos.

So much to do.

James and the 72 Team.




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