Tough decisions

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Today was a difficult day. Not only were we faced with the task of sorting through our audition tapes, but we were also confronted with challenges to workflow and budget that popped up out of nowhere. To be honest, we were expecting this at some point, as there hasn’t been any project that has been plain sailing all along.

Problem solving is a key component of filmmaking. You’re always left wondering what would happen if it were plain sailing, but there are no books about the film project that went completely to plan. It would be boring. If anything, it is the challenges that compound the sense of achievement at the finish line. Speaking of which, there’s still early bird tickets for the project available here. You can be at the finish line.

On a different note, March stats have outstripped every other month so far, so thanks for all the interest! Please continue to share everything with your friends as we get closer to the adventure.

James and the 72 team.


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