We had a Symposium on Tuesday as part of Stoke Your Fires festival. The focus was on feature films. We screened ‘How To Be Happy’, which was the film from the MSc Digital Feature Film Production course at Filmbase, John Bradburn’s ‘After Cease To Exist’ and Arno Hazebroek’s ‘Olivia Twist’. All three focussed on the alternative ways that new entrants can get into the feature film industry alongside a debate that focused on why do we continue to make independent features? It was a 90 minute discussion so it can’t be compressed here, but it is fair to say that whilst everyone acknowledges that there are more and more forms for filmmakers to experiment with when trying to reach an audience, it shouldn’t be at the detriment of features altogether. One thing that seemed apparent, is that the distinction between technologies were being blurred, as well as the forms being blurred. The notion that a ‘feature’ is the height of one’s career is perhaps under threat, as TV makes a resurgence and bigger audiences can also be found elsewhere.

Interesting times.



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