We fear change?

In the same week that Facebook decided to change the design of the newsfeed, we decided to mess with you further by releasing videos on the 72. In our defence, this is nothing that new for the 72, as we vlogged throughout Melbourne also. Check out this bad boy from 2009! Blonde hair! Well, hair in general…

However, times have changed and it is an interesting challenge that we face. If you’re reading this, the likelihood is, you’re in the minority when it comes to web consumption habits. Too much text isn’t sexy apparently. They see the chunk of text and skip it. The message is lost. 

However, not everyone wants to watch a video either, so we’ve got to try and accommodate everyone. So, don’t fear that videos will be the death of the blog, we’re hoping to create a variety of media that can enrich your experience of the 72 with whatever you choose to engage with.

We’re so good to you sometimes.



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