The week ahead…

The volume of work is picking up now, and we’ve another busy week ahead. On Monday we’ll be looking at the marketing strategy, Tuesday there is a student symposium, Wednesday are interviews for the two positions on the media side of the 72, and then we’re preparing for the auditions of the following week. It is a busy time…

The challenge is to work on all these different fronts simultaneously. Whilst we wait on news for sponsorship we still have to work on the proviso that it will come, and cannot spend ages chasing the sponsors and then neglect the project itself. This was one of the challenges with Des and Mo, as it wasn’t until the final few weeks that it fell into place, which is stressful for all involved.

On Friday I attended a meet up at Birmingham Film Studios. Here’s a pick of me, rocking a very similar (unchanged in fact) look to the days in Melbourne. We need new hoodies soon methinks.



A further challenge for the project in Birmingham is establishing exactly how we can have a legacy after the film itself, instead of the whole momentum dropping off. These conversations are going on constantly around the fringes of the project, with possible courses, meet ups, screenings, visits all being mooted. It is a potential that we never capitalised on previously, and we’re conscious that we shouldn’t let that happen again.

Learning from our mistakes see?



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