A few times we’ve mentioned workflow upon the 72, and we’ve never really explained exactly what that means. Well, hopefully this picture should help explain it:

Workflow 2


Probably not. This is a picture of Andy Paton, a 72 veteran, explaining the principle behind how we’d need to move loads of data around in a production process. Getting this is right is completely at the epicentre of the project, and will influence scheduling this time around. On the previous projects it didn’t influence scheduling (and we almost killed Mike Fisher in the process, which is a lot of paperwork). The MSc students are responsible for mapping the process as part of their assessment and we’ll be taking those blueprints and testing them. The testing will be be a short film by Joe Richards and a series of days before the 72 itself when the crew will get to road test the workflow in anger.

Exciting times,

James & The 72 Team.


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