The Charm Offensive

redneck-dogMarch signals the start of a good and proper promotional push. As we mentioned last month, we passed the point of no return, and now we are committed. It is ‘squeaky bum time’ because the finance isn’t all locked in, but the fact is, the publicity can’t wait.

We’ve been growing the interest in the 72 ‘organically’ over the last few months and we’ve had eight months of continuous growth. However, the organic growth is gradual and now needs to go up a gear. Let’s give a specific example.

Despite all the flaws, Facebook is still the most popular referrer to our site. Let’s crunch the numbers on yesterday’s post, because it is closest to hand. We currently have 700 Facebook likes. The post yesterday got seen by 170 of those people. That’s just under 25%. Then, from those number of people, 34 clicked through to see it from Facebook. Which is 20% of those who saw it, but only 5% of all those who originally liked the page. And this is a favourable figure for Facebook, as some stats suggest that this figure can fall as low as 2%, and the only reason ours probably hasn’t is because we haven’t paid for advertising to get more false clicks.

We get quite a significant number visiting from Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ when they are combined, but the fact remains that no one platform is proving effective at getting the project ‘out there’. So what are we to do? (or you for that matter, as many of our readership are aspiring filmmakers).

Well, what not to do is rely on Facebook and Twitter alone. We’re in the process of developing our plan for the marketing this month, but it involves a crescendo from the organic, through to the blogosphere, towards local traditional media and then we’ll take whatever we can get from there!

And what is the point of all this? Well, obviously we don’t want the film to simply happen in a vacuum, but more importantly, the more people who know about it increases the empowerment of all the people involved in the making of it. The overwhelming majority of our crew are all looking to develop a future in filmmaking and they deserve recognition for their effort. If it happens in a vacuum, the recognition doesn’t come. Furthermore, we need the recognition to lever sponsorship, which is critical.

So, hopefully we shall be spreading the word through the interweb in the coming weeks. If you know of anyone who may be interested in what it is we do (uncle is a DJ, auntie is a director general of a major broadcasting corporation etc) please let us know, and we’d love to get in touch.


James & The 72 Team





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