The March Ahead

See what we did there? The March Ahead? Geddit? March being the month but also a kinda militaristic thing. Forget it. Our genius is lost on you sometimes.

Today we synchronised our Google calendars and created different colours to represent different stuff. That is how serious it is getting. Take a look:

Serious planningThat’s a whiteboard AND a projector at the same time! This month we will be script drafting, auditioning, sorting out a press & marketing strategy, having preliminary production meetings with the crew we’ve selected and having a script reading session. All this as well as the usual eating, sleeping, drinking, day jobs, etc. There’s also Stoke Your Fires film festival and Flatpack Film festival taking place locally, so we’ll be trying to get along to those too.

Elsewhere, the Irish are reaching the conclusion of their crowd funding campaign. Take a look at how they are getting on!

James & The 72 Team



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