Mad dash

This evening is mad dash down to London for the Broadcast Video Expo. Dom, Rowan, Joe and Andy make it down tomorrow. We’re going to be asking some questions of the kit manufacturers about workflow. There’s lots of little things to say to different people so here goes….

Actors, Dom spent the day sorting a space for rehearsals and prepping the cast list. He’ll be contacting people by the end of the week that we’d like to see. Audition dates will be 17th and 18th March in London and 21st March in Birmingham.

Students in Staffs Uni, you have until the end of the week to register your interest in the SAP positions, and the application Is on the union site.

Musicians, we are listening to your tracks and working out possible sequences for your tunes. We’ll be in touch soon hopefully.

Crew, we’re prepping three dates in Stafford, Stoke and Birmingham for production meetings of which we’d like you to attend one. For the few of you that are further a field, we’ll come up with a plan B.

People that have bought early bird tickets, we LOVE and respect you and your impeccable taste. We hope to repay your trust in us with something super special 🙂



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