100 Early Bird tickets go on sale

cinema_ticket_225This morning we put 100 ‘early bird’ tickets on sale at £15, which includes access to the screening, the Q&A and the after show party. This is to say ‘thank you’ to all the people that have been ‘early adopters’ of the 72 Project. Our support has grown over the last six months and it has all been organic, without the need for paid advertising or publicity. You’ve been a big part of that and we aim to repay you with a good movie.

We know that times are tight and £15 would usually buy you a ticket to a 3D orgasmatronic smellivision movie with explosions, and you’d still have money for your hot dog. “So why is this ticket so much?” you may be thinking.

Put simply, our ticket price is actually helping to get the film made, not recoup the money already spent making it. We only have one screen to make our money on, whereas Transformers 12 will have hundreds of screens. Our total budget is over £180k for the three day shoot. Even when the crew work for the love of it, the budget comes down to £100k. So, the cinema takings are helping to chip away at that chunk of change we’re spending. We’re even selling the tickets through our own website so that we’re not diluting your money with booking fees and third party hosts.

“Why are you doing it then, if it is costing so much?” the more capitalist amongst you may be asking. It is a good question that we ask ourselves all the time. However, the answer is this: You’ll get to see a different way of cinema working on Sunday 20th July 2014. You’ll get to feel a part of something. Does this sound ludicrous? Well, we got ‘The Ballad of Des and Mo’ into the Audience Top 10 films at Melbourne International Film Festival on one screening, versus 300+ preselected movies, all of which had marketing budgets bigger than ours.

Obviously, you’re only going to get what you bring to it, but the hope is that your £15 is going to feel like incredible value come July.

Thanks for supporting us!

James and the 72 team.


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