Quiet weekend, crazy week

One third of the 72 team seem to be in recovery from flu, which should of had an affect on productivity. However, we’re still ticking over and getting the job done. By the end of this week we will have contacted most of the cast and crew in some shape or form. We’ll be giving the music a listen tomorrow too, with a view to locking some of that in also. We’ve got some script work to do as well, and organising some more camera testing, this time on the Arri Alexa workflow (those of you that know cameras will understand this, those of you that don’t, fuhgeddaboudit).┬áThe boring stuff like performance indicators are all doing well (web stats are up on last month) and most things are going to plan. It’s a slightly unnerving feeling because it probably means we’ve forgotten something major.

Elsewhere, the Dublin students are doing well with their crowd funding, and we spent thirty seconds creating this .gif to celebrate 72 months of doing this 72 hour malarky.

Changing faces



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