Notes on organisation #2

Firstly, apologies for our first reblog on the 72 site. This post originally appeared in January 2013 but I still think it is relevant today, if not more so. I’ve had a couple of experiences in the last couple of weeks that reminded me of this post, and felt I should share it again to our audience in Birmingham, who may not of been following us back then…


Loads of films are shot with different units, with a director overseeing the look of the entire project whilst unit directors manage the scenes they have been given. This is nothing unusual, so what’s different with the 72 project?

The primary difference is the crew size. We use a smaller group of versatile generalists as opposed to lots of specialists in many of the technical roles. Over the last five years I’ve had to defend this position so many times against ‘professionals’ who argue that owning a camera and a computer does not mean you are a cameraperson or an editor. I agree on this point. But just because you make a living out of camerawork or editing doesn’t mean you are exclusively the best at either of them. There are many filmmakers who are derided as hobbyists or amateurs who spend hours and hours on their craft, driven by…

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