Revisiting the aims and objectives

It has been six months since we articulated the aims and objectives of this project, and in less than six months the movie will be shot. It seems like a good time to revisit the aims and objectives:

1) This film must be better than the ones before: We agreed that this would be measured by film festival screenings, which must beat “Des and Mo” (six by invitation). We can’t measure this yet, although we will be developing a film festival strategy in the coming months, which we never did for any of the previous 72 projects.

2) We must make it commercially available: Everyone knows we can make a film in 72 hours, but will people pay for it? We’re about to find out – early bird tickets for the film will be available before the end of the month, and a download of the movie after 72 hours will most likely be a perk on the crowd funding campaign in a few months.

3) We go web:  We really want to free the access up and broadcast the action as it happens. This is still a work in progress, as it involves careful liaison with the sponsors. However, offering a download of the movie after the 72 hours could be an interpretation of this and that never happened before, so even this is a big improvement.

4) I’m not directing: Well, I’m not the only director. John Bradburn will hopefully be taking on an equal sized unit and we’ll co-direct simultaneously in order to shoot lots of the movie on the first day, and possibly merge units later to pick up the pub sequences. There is perhaps a possible smaller third unit too, but this is not yet confirmed.

5) It’s the kitchen sink: More guest blogs than before, more press than before, more bloody more more. We’ve not yet begun the guest blogging but it will begin soon (we need 16 to beat last time, I think that is do-able). The Facebook likes has plateaued recently and we don’t expect it to raise much more until we launch with more press, but the goal is still 2000 organic Facebook likes (the Dublin peeps have been inspirational). We’ve got a plan prepared for maximising this part of the equation, but once again, it depends on sponsors.

So, we are a work in progress on most fronts and yet to achieve most of our aims and objectives. However, they remain valid and we are still working towards them. We shall most likely revisit them again after the movie and see how we are getting on.

James and the 72 team.



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