Grilling Ben

I was straight off the plane yesterday, got my market badge and headed over to Ben and Katja’s for a burger and a mammoth scriptwriting session. Well, we didn’t write much because we were sorting out some flaws in the characters after our crazy drafting sessions with the with the wider world. The plan from here on in, is for me to have a stab at a draft, fire it back to Ben, and later this month try to have a meet up in Birmingham with all interested writers to do an open reading. How does that sound? This photo says how we feel about it:

2014-02-06 18.34.46I’m off to the European Film Market this morning and then this afternoon I’m taking some of the Irish MSc students to Konrad Wolf film school. Meanwhile, back in the UK, my business partner and executive producer on this project, Peter Rudge is liaising with potential sponsors about the potential for press coverage. I know, I used the word ‘potential’ twice in the same sentence. That’s just how much potential we’ve got.

adjective – having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.
The reality for us right now is that we know after two previous outings of the 72 project exactly what potential there is, and we are on a ‘maximising potential’ mission. We’ve always felt that there was room for improvement on the previous occasions. There’ll be room for improvement on this too most likely, but we are doing our best to envisage the best way to get the most out of the opportunity.
So far, so good, let’s hope we can keep it up.

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